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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yesterday, I came across a daily deals site for vegans called Vegan Cuts. Granted I already subscribe to Groupon and receive Gilt Groupe deals, Doodle Deals plus even Daily Candy has a version. So far I happily admit I've spent zero dollars on deals. However, Vegan Cuts could push me over my zero limit. Searching their past deals, I found this whimsical necklace that I really want:

While I can't seem to wean my son off chicken nuggets, I'm sure he would take a liking to the necklace. His liking would lead to questions, which may lead to him trying some non-chicken nugget food. He tried veggie nuggets once. He took a bite and then spit it out. The other night I was warming his fav nuggets and he said, "Don't give me the ones with the corn in them." I guess either my husband or I will be eating the rest of the veggie nuggets.

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