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Friday, February 3, 2012

World's Greatest Zit

I almost called in sick today. Not because I have a cold, fever or a bad tummy. Instead I'm cultivating the world's largest zit. It's growing from under my right nostril. I guess it could have chosen to take root from the middle of my nose or between my eyes. Despite this eyesore on my face, I managed to show up to work.

What exactly is the cause of the world's greatest zit? I eat zero dairy as well as any animal-based foods. I consume very little refined sugar. I think the culprit could br 15 years of antibiotics and steroids. I imagine these drugs are still lingering deep in my tissues. They're trying to get out any way they can. They seep out as nose snot, slither down my throat as think mucous and plop out of my pooper as caca. I guess the typical passageways weren't available so they decided to make a grand exodus through my face. Thanks Levaquin!

I'm getting closer to my year anniversary that'll mark a year without ingesting any oral antibiotics or steroids. I have about two and half months to go. In the home stretch.

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