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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feeling Good in DC

I knew getting away for a few days in Washington, DC would be good for me. I had this deep feeling that being on the go, wandering around the capital as opposed to sitting at a freezing cold desk all day would simply make me feel better and help my sinuses open. My prediction came true. I definitely felt better leaving DC than before. I'm not sure if it was my positive outlook or the walking around a new setting or both.

I started a medical cleanse Sunday. I must admit the limited diet is making a difference. My sinuses are improving. I'm also using nasal irrigation meds. I visited the ENT today. She took a look and said I look much better than I did two weeks ago. But that I do have some inflamed, swollen polypoid tissues. No polyps. She said to continue doing what I'm doing and add back in the Qnasl spray.

I awoke at precisely 2:12am and heard the birds chirping like mad. I thought back to the story of the Japanese man who would awaken wiht the birds and breath in the fresh oxygen. I was too tired to step outside. I took a deep breath from my bed and feel back asleep.

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