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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food Journal

If you're wondering how I'm spending my free time these days, picture me having to do something  tedious and annoying. Not taxes. Although I am attempting to add up all my tax deductible expenses. Due to all my food related allergies, I've begun keeping track of everything I eat along with any symptoms I experience.


While this isn't the least bit fun, there is a reason. My doctor said if I do enough detective work, then I can figure out some of the foods that are more troublesome than others. My doctor can then prescribe de-sensitizing drops to specific foods. So instead of celery making me wheeze and develop thick mucus, it could actually just be a food I am able to eat free of ramifications.

Honestly, I feel like every single food is an issue. But since one vial of de-sensitizing drops for a specific food costs $70, I have to choose wisely. And, I'm not even sure if my insurance will cover this medical expense. Being able to openly welcome food without fear of it doing something evil to me is worth every penny.

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