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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year. New Juice.

The view outside all four windows from my apartment isn't a huge selling point. Although, the fact that each room has a window is a big plus, according to realtors. There's no Empire State or Chrysler Building to behold. Or even an interesting neighborhood side street. The best I can see is a water tower and a strange man I often find staring back through his window in my direction. This is why I turn my focus to creating good stuff to see inside my apartment. For example, feast your eyes on this:

I took a departure from my usual green concoctions and created something pink to drink. This juice is a blend of one pomegranate, six apples plus one lemon. Pomegranate is packed with lots of good stuff. The juice I made is tart, sweet and delicious. I feel like every cell in my body is awakened upon downing a glass. I can't say the same for the view through my windows.

Happy New Year!

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