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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kale Salad

Everybody's doing it. And I wanna do it too. Kale salads that is. You ask what am I waiting for? Well, the problem is that most kale salads require soy or tamari, which is gluten free. Unfortunately, I have a sensitivity to soy. Lucky for me, Whole Foods made my kale salad dream come true with their recipe for Kale Waldorf Salad.

I left out the walnuts as well as the celery, since I have some level of sensitivity to both of these. I added a little chopped red pepper and red onion to the salad. My salad base was red curly kale. Instead of red wine vinegar, I used organic brown rice vinegar.

I doused the salad in the dressing. I let the greens marinate for about 15 minutes, while I folded laundry. Then I took a bite. The combo of sweet and spicy I love. The dressing made the kale easy to eat. I think this was the most delicious salad I've ever made. It tastes as good as one of those flavorful salads you order in your favorite restaurant.

As you've probably heard, kale is an amazing plant food. It possesses cancer lowering plus anti-inflammatory properties, helps the body detox, and contains a plethora of vitamins as well as minerals. For more on kale's nutritional profile go here. A couple times a week I steam kale, which I then add to a veggie burrito and also use as a base in green smoothies.

An hour after eating dinner, I noticed that my chin was itching and I felt tightness in my chest. I'm well aware that vinegars can be problematic since they can contain fungus. I also sprinkled some nutritional yeast on my brown rice pasta, another no-no due to yeast. I was just craving that cheesy flavor. Overall, I've been feeling better. But still my good moments are offset with symptoms, reminding me that I still have a way to go. Hopefully kale helps me get there.

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