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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Checking in with self

I'm writing because I promised myself that I would. How many characters, words can I protect from the next infection? I'm aiming for way up there in the hundred thousands. Once I stopped the amoxicillin, my cough vanished. There's always a tipping point when the amox switches from helpful to hindrance. Seven days it's definitely it. I'm feeling good.

I wonder if the One Oh Yeah protein bars do affect my sinuses. I like that they have only 1 gram of sugar. Much better than eating other sweets. But I'm not sure if the fake ingredients and/or sunflower seeds bother me. What did I do? I ordered two more boxes. I think I'll only allow myself to have 2 or 3 a week. I'll try to portion them out more lightly.

When I check my ALCAT test results from March 2012, I see that sunflower makes the list of acceptable foods. Although, my doctor would say eat it and see how you feel. That's the best predictor.

Maybe the Halo Top bothers me? I ate it with a mini marshmallow treat last night. I noticed that I got congested.

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