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Monday, December 19, 2011

My Beef With Beef

While at the gym on Saturday, I caught a repeat episode of Top Chef. The contestants were challenged with preparing a multi-course meal for an American Cancer Society benefit in Texas. When one thinks of Texas the mind often lands on...beef. Similarly, when I think of Cancer my mind zeros in on beef.

Guess what the main course at the Cancer Benefit's dinner was? Beef! With the meal being broadcast nationwide, the program seemed like a great opportunity for the chef's to demonstrate their culinary muscle while creating a meal that wasn't carcinogenic. The various employees of the Cancer Society got right in on the blackened steaks. No mention of eating a diet of foods that help prevent cancer.

I realize that benefit dinners come with big ticket prices. In return guests expect to be wowed by their plates. I think a healthier, nutrient-dense meal would have wowed patrons, challenged chefs and been equally meaty. Don't mess with beef. Do mess with veggies.


  1. I'm really surprised by that! R has been told by his dr. to only eat red meat twice a month. He's actually done really well with this the first month. No cheating, just treating himself to a steak Tuesday for his birthday. With cancer on both sides of his family, I'm glad he finally listened to his dr since he didn't want to listen to me. Ha!

  2. Cutting back on the beef is good news. But not listening to you, is another thing!


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