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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two Fun Blogs

Instead of writing about my current state of health, I thought it'd be fun to highlight two blogs I'm enjoying reading.

My friend Sandra moved to London with her family in August of this year. I miss all the fun times we had together: working on Macy's holiday ad campaign, concepting ads for the first chewable, minty-fresh birth control pill (no joke. and we got paid to do this.), co-teaching at NYU and Media Bistro, eating at Sweet Melissa's, and playdates in Brooklyn. Her observations about life in Tooting are honest and make me laugh. Read it and giggle:

Another friend of mine, Ann, left Manhattan as well. Ann suddenly found herself free of the commitment of a full-time job. She sublet her apartment in the East Village and took off on a whirlwind adventure. I find her blog empowering. I first read it on a day when I was feeling overwhelmed by work and my health. Her blog re-set my frame of mind, lifting me out of my state of yucka. Check it out:

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