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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bad Carmen

Today I woke up nice and early for an 8:45am physical. I was really most curious to find out my cholesterol numbers, now that I've been on a 95% vegan diet for three months. (The 5% percent accounts for restaurant food and the two tortellinis I ate from my husband's dish the other night.) My cholesterol numbers have never been bad or even close to. But based on the books I've read, a vegan diet can really improve these numbers.

I arrived at the doctor's office ten minutes before my appointment. I waited. And I waited. I thought about all the scripts I needed to write when I finally got to work. I checked in a second time with the receptionist who said the doctor was running a little behind. I saw the doctor pass by and recognize me. I saw the nurse pass by and recognize me. They should since I've going to the practice for 12 years. I waited some more. Eventually all the patients who had been waiting before me had been called. I figured after an hour's wait, it was my turn. Then I heard a name called: "Carmen!" In my head the name reverberated as loudly as when Captain Kirk yelled, "KHAN!"

I ran to the receptionist and checked the sign-in sheet. I saw that Carmen had arrived after me and had an appointment later than mine. In a huff, I told the receptionist I was leaving. I expected her to run after me, as I hopped on the elevator and briskly walked to the subway. In the end it was only me running to jump on the '6' train.

So much for my numbers game. "CARMEN!"

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