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Monday, September 26, 2011

High On Colonics

I had a very moving Saturday. I woke up feeling a bit tired. I didn't make it to the yoga class I had been wanting to check out at NYSC. Instead, I did laundry. Not really relaxing. But, it's nice to check this chore off my list. I also drank lots of fresh cucumber, spinach, lemon, apple and garlic juice I made.

Saturday afternoon I visited Suite Retreat for hydrotherapy, also know as high colonics. Based on numerous books I've read as well as the recommendation of my doctor, colonics is good way to remove toxins and other nasties that have built up inside the colon. It's a good way to alleviate candida, which has plagued me for a year and a half. Candida is annoying on many levels. In addition to the usual issues in the nether regions is also causes sinusitis. Antibiotics and steroids are like candy for candida, making the condition even worse. That's another reason why I'm working so hard to not take either of these oral medications. I follow a diet that doesn't feed the yeast. I also take a candida cleanse supplement called Caprylex.

When I arrived at Suite Retreat, I felt like I'd walked into a cozy refuge. Rose first chatted with me about my health history. She had also suffered from sinusitis as well as bronchitis. She's been free of these ailments for years. After our chat, she took me into the procedure room that was equally warm and cozy. Not cold and sterile like a typical doctor's office. She explained the procedure and showed me the freshly wrapped-in-plastic, sterile tubes she would be using. Next, she had me get changed in the bathroom. I came out and climbed up on the table with the help of a step stool. No awkward scrambling here. She had me lie on my side, as she inserted the tube. Or was it tubes? I'm not sure since I couldn't see down there. Then I moved onto my back to relax.

She massaged my abdomen during the procedure. She had me apply a special oil called Di-Gize directly onto my belly to alleviate any cramping or feelings of gas. All it took was one tiny drop for me to feel totally fine. I highly recommend this oil for anyone with gastrointestinal upset. Our skin soaks up everything we put on it. Hence the patch to help cease smoking. It's much better than swallowing a bunch of meds that lead to stomach upset. Rose also applied peppermint oil to help open breathing passageways. I asked her about lavender and she applied a touch of this oil too for relaxation.

Toward the latter part of the procedure, it began to feel like Kool & The Gang had inhabited my lower regions. She massaged me more, letting me know there were some trapped gas pockets working their way out. Guess this was the gang. When the procedure was finished, she unhooked me. I went back to the bathroom to sit on the potty. The great thing about the toilet were the spray buttons. There was one aimed at your buttocks. One for fronttocks. And a dryer! I sampled all. What fun. Wish I had this at home. I'd probably never leave the bathroom.

When I left, my stomach was so flat. I didn't feel any bloatedness or cramping. I felt great. Just incredibly hungry. I got home and tore into the random leftovers sitting in my fridge. A couple hours after I left Suite Retreat, Rose sent me an email outlining her recommendations for a few supplements and oils. If you're considering hydrotherapy, I highly recommend Suite Retreat.

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  1. I'm impressed. This is one thing that's scared me but since you've tried it I'm encouraged. Wish there was a Suite Retreat in Raleigh but maybe I can find something like that here.


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