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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Natural

Yesterday, mom asked me over the phone how I felt. I told her better than I did a month ago but still experiencing inflammation and pints of mucus (It used to be gallons.). Mom said something rather profound, "Nature isn't fast." It's true, unlike popping steroids for a quick fix along with hundreds of side effects, nature or the natural way is slower but free of all the nasty repercussions. The problem with traditional medicine is that it totally overlooks nutrition and diet as a way of healing. I see each meal as an opportunity to heal, rejuvenate, rev-up my internal engine, make my skin glow and hair shine and create an inner calm.

In The China Study, the author highlights the total lack of nutrition training doctors and surgeons receive. The doctors even ingest animal based diets and can't fathom changing theirs or recommending diet as a way for patients to heal. Even more unsettling is the fact that most nutrition training for public health problems is provided by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, National Dairy Council, The Dannon Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Baxter Healthcare. It's pretty obvious these companies don't have the public's best interest at heart. Instead it's profits that drive them. So greed and power is what keeps wellness from Americans. Now that's sickening.

Also, the National Dairy Council has an advertising budget of 100 million. The Watermelon Council, one million. Again, it's a no-brainer whose messages are getting out. This brings me back to the need for more advertising promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet. Again, I would love nothing more than to meet with the heads of Swiss Chard Marketing.

I found this TV spot that takes a bold step in the right direction. Some of the production values are lacking, but the message cuts through. It's set in the negative. It'd be nice to have communications that also tout the positive.


  1. Your mom is so right about nature going at a gradual pace. And I like how you know that everything you put in your mouth is beneficial to your health and how you feel and look. Check out the trailer for Average Joe on The Raw. He's documented switching to a raw diet after 30 years of a SAD diet. Changes aren't instantaneous but he definitely transitions into a healthy, vibrant person.

  2. I just watched the trailer. That processed cheese stuff in the foil packet has always grossed me out. I'll have to get the DVD. I'm always looking for more movies to watch and books to read to keep me inspired. Some days it's so hard because I'm still sick despite all the changes.


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