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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Healthiest Sick Person

I started a new book titled The Body Ecology Diet, Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity by Donna Gates. The author mentions how she was plagued with persistent symptoms of food allergies, headaches and vaginitis despite the fact she had eliminated sugar, alcohol and dairy from her diet, took supplements, tried internal cleansing treatments and exercised regularly. This sounds so familiar. I eat a very clean diet, take supplements, hit the gym three to four times a week, include walking in my daily regimen, practice meditation. I'm the healthiest sick person around!

I'm only on page 13 of the book, but I've already read some amazing information. Just two days of antibiotic use precipitate candida overgrowth. When yeast multiples, it produces toxic waste products, which circulate in the body, poisoning and weakening the immune and endocrine system. No wonder it's taking so long to feel better. Every time I see my ENT (who I'm avoiding since he last tried to put me on antibiotics), he comments that my glands are swollen. Always swollen.

The book compares the human body to the natural environment, stating that to reverse the overgrowth of candida, we must restore an inner environment that prevents candida from taking over. This requires two major actions: one, killing off the bad yeast and other opportunistic parasitic organisms by creating mineral-rich slightly alkaline blood; two, recolonizing the friendly bacteria and restoring proper digestion. Basically, it won't do any good to reestablish new colonies of friendly bacteria without improving the environment so they can prosper.

I've been attempting to make my internal environment more alkaline, by drinking green juices and green smoothies. I've even tested the ph or my pee. Somedays it's alkaline and some it's not. I have more alkaline than non-alkaline days. Despite this, I have a ways to go.

I haven't gotten to this section yet, but the book outlines a diet to follow to accomplish the above. Looks like just when I thought my diet couldn't get any more narrow and stringent, it's gonna have to. Ugh. But it'll be nice not to have to carry nasal douche everywhere I go.

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