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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sick Days

So my partner at work, even though he's sick with flu-like symptoms, came into the office. That's the wonderful thing about working in advertising, you're given so much work that sick days are never used. Instead everyone shows up to work sick, making everyone else sick. Today I'm feeling headachy, full of mucus, and with a raw, sore throat. Of course, I'm at work.

It's still hard to believe I'm sicker than I usually am. Every morning I awake and go through a wellness ritual of taking coenzyme Q10, acidophilus, antioxidants, nettles, quercetin, bromelain, ester C, grape pips, selenium, zinc, magnesium, caprylex and vitamin D. Some I take before breakfast and the rest with. I also take 3 histamine drops under my tongue each day as well as echinacea drops two or three times a day mixed with a small amount of water.

I use a Sinucleanse squeeze bottle to clean out my sinuses with saline water. I also mix the following three intra-nasal meds into the sinus wash: betamethasone, amphotericin, tobramycin. I hate that I use these drugs since one is a steroid, one an antibiotic and one an anti-fungal. I know the title of this blog is A Year Without Antibiotics. Supposedly, using these drugs topically and directly on my sinuses is not as invasive as oral meds. After I use my Sinucleanse bottle I touch my toes three times to make sure all the saline plus drugs get out of my body. Then I gargle water in my mouth a few times. Some days I have to use these drugs in the morning and night. Other days just once. I'm supposed to use them three times a day.

Some days I use Nasacort or Nasonex. Although, I haven't in a week. I try my best to avoid steroid nose sprays. I also take Claritin and Singulair almost every day. My new doctor put me on the Singulair when my body kept reacting to everything I eat, even brown rice. I've tried to skip both of these drugs, but find I start feeling incredible inflammation in my sinuses.

I don't mind taking the supplements. Just hate that I'm dependent on the intra-nasal meds and Singulair. Hopefully one day soon, I'll be able to get off these.

Happy sick day at work!


  1. that's a lot of stuff to have to take. Hope it will be a thing of the past for you soon.


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