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Friday, September 23, 2011

Can't Take A Good Day Without Something Bad

I'll get the bad stuff over first. I have what looks to be a cherry-flavored Jelly Belly sprouting between the top of my nose and my left eye. Actually, it's almost a part of my nose. Possibly, I'm growing a second nose since my current one has failed me. Is this a side effect of ridding my body of years of antibiotics, steroids, peanut M&Ms, duck-fat-fried french fries and gruyere cheese? If so, then get out. Way out. Whatever it takes, just leave my body now.

On the bright side, the amping up my greens is truly helping. Since making this change this week, Tuesday to be exact, I'm noticing more and more improvement. My sinuses are not nearly as inflamed. When the congestion overcomes me, the mucus is draining easier. Instead of nasal douching (sexy), blowing my nose actually relieves me. I can't wait until the time when I don't have to blow my nose at least 20 times a day. Just think of the money I'll save when I don't have to buy three-packs of over-sized Kleenex boxes. Plus, the area around my nostrils is always red. I call it Rudolphitis. Every day I apply cover up over the red areas. Inevitably an hour later, I blow my nose exposing the ugly redness again. A losing battle.

I'm really impressed with Victoria Boutenkos Green For Life. It's a fast read. There are actual accounts of patients who have had chronic sinusitis and multiple food allergies find wellness simply by drinking a quart of green smoothie a day. I wish I'd known this before I had sinus surgery last November. Plus, there are accounts of people who have reversed pancreatic cancer, healed from strokes and gotten off breathing machines thanks to the green stuff.

I recall earlier in the year complaining to my otolaryngologist that I was always incredibly tired and exhausted. He said it was because I'm a mom. I believed him since he's a doctor. Well he was wrong. It's so nice to go to play dates with my son and feel as vibrant as a three-year-old. Six months ago they were a painful duty. Now I look forward to chatting with other moms and pretending I'm Sir Topham Hat. I'm happy I took my health into my own hands by educating myself. I encourage every one to do the same.

Happy weekend. Down those greens!


  1. This is a breakthrough! Wow, the power of greens. You might even try juicing soon or visit a juice bar a couple times a week. I can tell a difference in my energy when I juice. It's like an instant zap of nutrients. Keep on drinking those green smoothies, girlfriend! So glad they're helping.

  2. Thanks. I love my juicer! What's your favorite recipe?

  3. I know you got a Vitamix. Did you end up getting the juicer, too? The only juice I've ever made is called Mean Green Juice. It's so good. I'll try some others eventually but for now this one does the trick. Here's a link (it's the first one):

  4. I did get a juicer too. I got the Omega Vert. I just checked out your juice recipe. It's pretty close to the green lemonade I make minus the celery. Can't have celery since it's one of my weird food allergies. Honestly, I don't really like celery. It tastes oddly salty. But, I know it's good for you.


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