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Friday, October 14, 2011

Delicious Allergens

My health continues its back and forth dance. This is a true test of perseverance. Definitely visiting my parents and being around old eating habits was one of my biggest tests. I grew up in a home that had a huge clear glass cookie jar. Instead of the jar being filled with cookies, there were miniature sized candy bars. But back then the minis were more mega-sized. Three Musketeers, M&Ms, Krackel bars, Almond Joy and Milky Way.

During my past visit home, my mom actually had cookies and cake. All of which contain numerous delicious allergens. Overall I did pretty well abstaining. One evening I lost control. I sampled cakes that mom had picked up from a local bakery and revisited my favorite cookies. That evening I didn't sleep well. The next day I awoke with a dull headache, congestion and overall foggy feeling. Between the sugar, gluten and dairy, I guess it was too much. Could I have used up all my sugar cards from over consumption as a kid? Do we all just get so many that our body can handle and after that it's do or die? I managed to balance out my day with a green smoothie and a fresh green juice from Earthfare.

The other hiccup from my mini-vacation were the flights. It used to be when I flew my ears would experience a little congestion, but once I landed it all cleared up. Now, I get intense ear congestion and pain that lasts up to 36 hours after the flight. If anyone has any suggestions or remedies, I'm all ears.

Mom promised that for the next visit she'll attempt to make a low-sugar, gluten and dairy-free cookie. I think I can't wait. Hmm...although Peacefood Cafe has a darn delish gluten free, vegan chocolate chip cookie. So, maybe there is hope in a cookie jar. (One that looks like Mr. T would be truly sweet.)

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