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Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't Think

Yesterday I checked out the IBM Think experience at Lincoln Center. It was the last day for the exhibit, so my husband and I arrived for the first screening of the video installation. Before entering, we checked out the data visualization wall and the various posters.

The exhibit's execution was flawless but its content was short. I felt like IBM searches for incredibly complicated solutions to simple problems. (They are a data company so they have to prove their worth.) For example, they presented the problem of world hunger and stated that much of the world's supply of rice falls victim to floods. What's their solution? They analyzed the DNA of rice and found a way to reengineer this code and create a hardier rice.

Introducing...Genetically Modified Organisims!

Impaired immune systems!
Reduced antibiotic effectiveness!
Increased Allergic responses to foods!

In addition to the ethical implications of genetically modified foods, there is quite a list of health concerns. These days you have to be prudent in order to avoid GMOs.

I found this astonishing fact online:

Today, an estimated two-thirds of all products in supermarkets contain genetically engineered ingredients, including tortilla chips, drink mixes, taco shells, veggie burgers, muffin mix, and baby formulas.

One solution is to avoid packaged foods and focus the majority of your meals around whole foods. If you want a treat like a slice of pie or a cookie, make it yourself with organic ingredients. Or visit a vegan bakery. I find most vegan bakeries are more ingredient aware and try their best to source from local farmers.

IBM should change their tagline from Solutions to a Smarter Planet to Solutions for a gullible planet.

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