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Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Alive!

I finished The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. The book details reestablishing your internal chemistry through a diet of probiotic Kefir made from cow, goat and coconut milk or cultured vegetables. Since I can't have dairy and coconut is an allergen, I decided I'd try the cultured veggies. I ordered a kit to culture my own veggies. Basically, you place shredded cabbage and other veggies into a container, mix in good bacteria and then let sit on the kitchen counter anywhere from three to 10 days. At this point you move the swamp like thing you've been growing to the fridge. Supposedly, the fridge doesn't stop the bacteria growth. Just slows it a bit. For a full-time working mom who also takes on her share of freelance projects and already has to make all her own food, this seemed daunting and scary. So, when my mom mentioned having been wanting to try the raw sauerkraut that Doctor Oz mentioned on his show, I was game.

I canceled my Amazon order and hightailed it to Rosewood Market in Columbia, South Carolina where mom and I purchased raw sauerkraut by Rejuvenative Foods. When we got home, I opened the jar and my husband said, "If you're going to be eating that, you better brush your teeth afterwards." Smells don't scare me. One of the benefits of years of acute sinusitis.

I took a bite of the kraut and liked the tangy sourness. I then toasted a slice of brown rice bread and spread more kraut on it. The stuff is delish. Plus, I think it's helping me other throw the evil bacteria in my gut, and it's lessening my food allergies and nasal inflammation. I've been able to eat small amounts of some allergen foods (walnuts, cake) without extreme reactions. More like subtle congestion. I've also been maintaining my greens intake through smoothies and juices.

When I return to NYC on Wednesday, I hope to find a jar of my latest fav food at Fairway. It's my new breakfast of sinus champions!


  1. kraut on toast is good but especially if you add avocado first and then sprinkle a little paprika on top. Have you had kimchi? Yummy for Asian dishes.

  2. I used to eat a lot of Kimchi. Will have to revisit soon!


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