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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The King of Alkaline Foods

Over the weekend I picked up some Umeboshi plum paste from Fairway. The pickled plum is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic and digestive aid. It's also known to be beneficial for water contamination, liver function, prevention of ageing (anti-oxidizing effects), general detoxification, carbon monoxide poisoning, skin diseases such as eczema, lack of appetite, bad breath and dysentery, typhoid, and paratyphoid. With this long list of benefits, I say eat up!

I spread the paste on vegan sushi, which I ended up dipping into guacamole to counter some of the sourness. The sour taste reminded me of lemon pickle, a condiment in Indian cuisine.

The plums are aged similar to kimchee. After being left out to dry in the sun, the fruit is packed into barrels with sea salt and shiso leaves and then pressed by weight for six months. By the way, shiso leaves possess many anti-viral qualities and are a member of the mint family. Six months later you have the king of alkaline foods. The process creates natural bacteria, enzymes, organic acids and powerful alkaline qualities– all in a tiny little plum.

Fairway also had the actual Umeboshi plums. The paste was a little less expensive and I figured it'd be easy to spread on edible vehicles such as sushi or g-free crackers and bread. 

Next time you come across the royal Umeboshi, be sure to stop and bow to the king. 

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