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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outside My Body Experience

I visited Dr. Firshein today for a flu shot and my third course of acupuncture. He asked how I was feeling. I explained that some days I feel really positive about all the changes I've made to my diet and health, while others I feel incredibly discouraged. I explained how I'm still getting an acute sinus reaction even when I eat something like a baked potato. He asked if I had rethought trying a course or oral antibiotics. I really want to try to go longer without this intervention. He completely respected my decision. He also commended all the dietary changes, pointing out my addition of green juices and smoothies. He said that this was truly helping my body.

He explained that the sinuses are kind of like storage units outside the body. (I immediately thought of Hannibal Lecter's storage unit. Hopefully my sinuses aren't harboring a severed head.) This is why they're so difficult to treat when they're infected. If you get an infection in your eye, you put drops in it. If you get one in your bladder, you take oral meds that reach your bladder via blood. But the sinuses are built outside the body. This faraway address makes it difficult for antibiotics to reach. But easy for antibiotic over use to cause harm in other parts of the body.

For my next outside my body experience, the doctor placed tiny needles on my forehead, cheeks, elbows and shins. He then taped electrical wires to my elbows and shins that feed a tiny current to my body.
This was to help put energy in my body. My previous acupuncture treatment made me feel truly energized. When I left the office, I felt like I was bouncing as I walked down the sidewalk. Today I feel pretty tired. I'm curious to see how I feel over the next day or two. I'm hoping for a power surge.

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